Who is it for?

DevelApped is designed to meet the needs of educators in the K–12 sector who directly affect the education of students:

  • Administrators at the building level, central office, or aspiring
  • Teachers, both veteran and new
  • Staff members who are involved in assisting with program initiatives

How does it help?

DevelApped is an innovative way to deliver comprehensive and consistent professional services to all educators within school entities. Our unique platform allows individual users to access web-based resources at a time and in a location that is convenient for them in 35 minutes or less. DevelApped empowers educators to choose the most relevant segments to view and use for job-embedded implementation.

Why DevelApped?

Flexible. Engaging. Cost-Effective.

DevelApped provides the flexibility for administrators, teachers, and staff that is needed in today’s educational environment. Delivered in digestible bites, segments are focused to promote practical and useful changes to instructional delivery. There is no need to pay for substitute teachers or other added expenses. DevelApped is cost-effective for school entities and the individual user as the series is designed to meet your professional development needs in a time frame that is convenient and engaging.

Video Library

Browse the DevelApped Video Library for engaging segments dedicated to your professional development.

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Kind Words

Dr. Paula Westerman brings a wealth of skills and experience from the perspective of a teacher, principal, and central office administrator. The time that she has spent promoting student learning as well as supporting teachers and administrators in the educational process is a tremendous asset and will greatly benefit those who use her consulting services. Paula’s approach to professional development is innovative and cutting edge. The customized delivery really addresses the needs of educators today and the demands that they face in the classroom.

~ Mrs. Denise Young, Kindergarten Teacher, Lancaster, PA

“Paula possesses a unique blend of professionalism and passion in her work. She is a hardworking, genuine person with integrity. It was my pleasure to work closely with Paula for 15 years in education. During those years I observed her implementing various educational initiatives. This business opportunity is a natural transition for Paula to share her skills with all educational professionals.”

~ Joan Whitmer, Instructional Support Teacher – York, PA

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